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Machine is Asking
for an Engraving Code

When a machine is asking for an engraving code there is a need to do a Database and Preview Image update.

Please follow the button below to view the instructions and files needed for the update.

Machine has a
“1206” Error.

When a machine has a “1206” error this means that there is a preview image update needed. Please proceed to do a preview image update by clicking the button below. Please follow this link to view the instructions for the update and the files needed to be put on a USB drive. 

If the machine still does not work then please call MyFamily for support. 

Tag is stuck inside
of the machine.

The first step is to reboot the machine. The machine should release the tag. If this does not work then please remove the service window on the machine. If you do not have a service window please call MyFamily for support.

Machine is engraving on the plastic instead of the tag

If the machine is engraving on the plastic, please reboot the machine and try again with the same sku of tag. If the problem continues, please call MyFamily for support. 

Screensaver went out/ white screen on screensaver.

If the screensaver image does not appear on the Techla then there is a need to do a Screensaver update. Please click below to view the Screensaver update and instructions. If the problem continues after the update has been performed please contact MyFamily for support. 

Tag enamel came off while the tag was being engraved

The most common reason that the enamel of a tag chips away during the engraving process is because of a defect with the product itself. Please contact your customer service representative for a replacement or credit for this tag. 

The machine is not registering a tag has been inserted into the machine.

The most common reason that the machine is not reading the back side of a tag is because of damaged packaging. Please verify there is no damage to the casing of the tag. The next step you should take is to make sure there is no debris that is blocking the sensor at the end of the Kart where the tag would normally sit inside the machine. If you see a clear little piece of debris you can use compressed air or a paperclip to remove the debris from the kart. Please note that it is okay if the debris falls from the kart into the machine as we just need to remove it from the kart so it does not block the sensor. If this still does not work please call MyFamily for support

Resistance when inserting a tag into the machine/ tags keep becoming stuck.

The most common reason that a tag is difficult to insert into the machine is because of a damaged package .Please verify tag packaging is not damaged. If you do not see the tag is packaging is damaged please verify that another tag of a different sku is as difficult to insert into the machine. If a different tag is easy to insert then it is an indication that the problem was with the tag packaging and not the machine itself. If no damage is apparent on the packaging and multiple tags are difficult to insert into the machine, please call MyFamily for support.  

The machine
is not
powering on

If the machine is not powering on the first step is to verify that the machine is plugged in with the cable correctly. The next step is to verify that there is power going to the outlet. The next step is to verify that you see a blue light on the A/C adapter when you follow the cord from the machine to the outlet. If there is no blue light we will need to replace the cord for your machine. Please note that you might have to remove the machine from the display to get to the A/C adapter as the cord can be inside of the display.

“Stop” error when
turning the machine on

Please call MyFamily for support using the telephone number at the top of the page.

What to do when
the machine squeaks

Please apply grease to the lead screw. You can access the screw by lifting the metal gate that blocks tags from being inserted into the machine. It lifts straight up with your finger. After applying grease, turn the machine off and then on and verify that the squeaking has stopped.  

The machine is not engraving a specific font correctly.

If all but one font works for the engraving, there is a need to do a “Font Update”. Please click below to download the font update.