Christmas is coming, the race for Christmas shopping has officially started and our four legged friends cannot be excluded. But among the various offers, which are the most useful and charming for this 2018? Here are some original tips.

1) We shall not forget that their main need is our company, our presence. Therefore we could buy a course of Agility Dog, that will allow us to spend a pleasant and amusing outdoor experience together!

2) During cold winter season our pets spend more time at home. There are many kennels available for our pets, among the most curious: the wood ones that are similar to real houses, fitted with padded pillows inside. They have two functions: in the lower part they are used as a kennel and in the upper part they can be used as a little table or as a stool. Don't forget real couches, expressly drawn for pets, which are original, comfortable and become integral part of our home furnishings.

3) Christmas holidays lead us to eat more sweets and this may be dangerous for our dog's health. The best idea is to give him some special treat, so that we don't let ourselves be tempted by giving him our food.

4) You should always think about his safety. Don't forget to let him wear the ID tag; there are various models for everyday life, and more elegant models, perfect to make him special on particular occasions. You can engrave free your and his data, so that he will be protected in any case. You can choose among the wide range that MyFamily has available. Discover our collections

5) And in order to keep up with times, don't miss the interactive webcam for pets. You can supervise your pet while you are at work, interact vocally with him and catch any precious moment while you are away.

There are a lot of proposals that you can easily find on-line or in Pet shops, but our suggestion is to do useful presents to your pet, useful for his safety and for his health. You shall not forget that the main thing for him is your love.

"A dog doesn't mind expensive cars, big houses, or designer clothes. A rotten stick is fine for him. A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, bright or clumsy , clever or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his. "( From "Marley and me" by John Grogan )

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