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Our TechlaXL is the engraver allowing the autonomous customization of MyFamily tags, directly at the POS. The big innovation of the TechlaXL is its unique technology that, thanks to its double diamond tip, allows to engrave both sides of the tag without extracting it from the machine. It is entirely manufactured in aluminium, it stands alone and it is perfect for large shops. Thanks to the new updates, it is possible to engrave in every language, satisfacting all international customers needs. It is possible, in fact, to type the required details directly on the own mobile: the final consumer at the shop will be able to type on his mobile phone the customization details in his own language and the machine will engrave the tag thanks to remote connection. There is a big novelty for resellers too: they will be able to customize MyFamily tags with their logo, autonomously. Then, the vanguard exclusive software will allow to download the update with the information about the tags the customers engraved. Our technology is always moving forward to make the customization at the POS more and more easy and immediate!