#MYFAMILYforAUSTRALIA: support the Australian Koalas with MYFAMILY!

Koala MyFamilyforAustralia

#MYFAMILYforAUSTRALIA: support the Australian Koalas with MYFAMILY!


MyFamily always promotes and supports love for all animals. The devastating bushfires that have ravaged Australia, killed more than five-hundred million native animals and burned almost entirely the eucalyptus rainforests of the World Heritage Gondwana Rainforests.

MyFamily is committed to helping the little Koalas that called the scorched forests home... and YOU can help them too! 

Buying the #WILD collection KOALA tag on our website, MyFamily will donate the entire purchase price from online sales to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, which is working hard to help the Koala injured by the terrible bushfires.

Together we can help make a difference: join our project #MYFAMILYforAUSTRALIA and engrave a worthy loving gesture!

Help sharing awareness by following our Facebook and Instragram pages and share our project with your friends with our hashtag #MYFAMILYforAUSTRALIA .





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