Leash: guide to choose the most suitable model for your dog.


The importance of a leash


The leash and the collar, are the accessories that must absolutely be part of the initial "kit" of a dog. Leaving the dog free to run, chasing his instinct seems like a very natural and positive thing, but it can be dangerous.

Your four-legged friend may not always respond to your call and be overwhelmed by the instinct to chase a potential prey. Without a leash he could run away, get lost and in the worst case be hit by a car. This is especially true for the puppy, initially unwilling to obey promptly and for those subjects who live in the city.

The leash also plays a fundamental role in training. Thanks to its correct use the dog will be accustomed not to pull during the walk and to perceive through the connection the direction in which to move. 

Choosing a leash is therefore a very important task, it is necessary to evaluate the different characteristics to decide which is the most suitable. 


How to choose the best product


Choosing a leash might seem less important than choosing a collar, but do not be fooled. There are some precautions that you must follow in order to ensure an appropriate and comfortable choice for you and your pet. Remember that a comfortable leash will be as important to him as it is to you.


Main types


There are different types of leash on the market, which can be classified according to the model such as: 

  • Standard model: it is the leash that everyone typically imagines, can be whole or intertwined, of different thicknesses and lengths. They can also consist of materials that reflect light especially for those who take the dog in the evening in the dark.
  • Roll-up model: despite having little control over the dog, it is among the most popular. The retractable leash adapts to different lengths and is especially suitable for dogs that are already trained or well-behaved.
  • Adjustable model:  this type of leash can vary the length according to the needs like the roller shutter but allowing you to have a greater control of the animal as with the standard one.

There are also particular features that can simplify the owner's daily life, such as the case of:

  • Double leash.. Those who own two dogs may find it more useful to have a double leash that forks into two towards the end so you can hook them both.
  • Hands-free leash.  This type of leash allows you to have your hands free thanks to a belt that attaches him to the life of the owner.


The most used materials


  • Leather: it is considered a high quality, very resistant material. It may initially be a bit stiff, but over time it naturally softens.
  • Rope: usually the string leashes are braided to be more resistant to dog bites.
  • Nylon: is the most popular material among dog lovers mainly due to its low cost and its good resistance. The nylon leashes can be of all sizes and colors.
  • Chain: metal leashes may look beautiful, but they are not always the best choice for the pet. It is always necessary to evaluate the weight of the metal, as if the leash will be too heavy it will be detrimental to the health of the dog. Always evaluate this factor before buying it.




There are leashes of different lengths.

Usually the longer ones are used for walking and short training, but everything depends on the comfort of the dog and the owner. It is also necessary to check the country in which you live, which does not have particular leash's regulations.

In general, consider that for puppies and small dogs are preferable soft leash rope, leather or nylon, if you prefer the chain, try to choose a very light.

For large dogs, instead, choose a very strong and resistant leash that will not be easily damaged.


If you still have doubts, ask for advice to your vet or your dealer. Surely, they will help you out. 


Eleonora Bosoni
Dott.ssa in Medicina Veterinaria

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