Hushtag collection: silent, revolutionary, unique! An absolute innovation in the pet world.

MyFamily keeps innovate the pet market and launches an absolute novelty in the field of identification tags! We are talking about the new Hushtag collection, the silent tags. This unique product was created to meet a specific need: avoid the tinkling noise of the tag hitting the collar metal ring or another tag, mandatory in some countries.

MyFamily Hushtag are noise-free since they are made of rubber combined to metal. In fact, they have a strong core made of brass or aluminum, with an external rubber casing.


The advantages of choosing this product are many: besides the elimination of the tinkle, these tags guarantee a much longer life since they don’t scratch, and they wear out more slowly than any other model. It's not all! Another very important aspect is the absolute comfort for the animal that wears them: practically our four-legged friends do not even realize they are carrying them!


The new collection comes in different shapes and colors, to meet the aesthetic needs of a large audience. The utmost attention to detail and the absolute craftsmanship quality of the finishes are a real added value, Made in Italy style. For all these reasons, MyFamily's Hushtag is a truly revolutionary product, never seen before in the pet world.

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