Collars, Leashes and Harnesses

Elegant, versatile, sustainable

Exclusive design with refined finishes and material quality make every
accessory inimitable and intended to last over time. You can choose the elegance of real leather,
the sustainability of faux leather or the versatility of synthetic fabrics.

The variety of the collections, inspired by the cities of the world,
allows the widest choice of styles and materials, all strictly Made in Italy.


El Paso








St Tropez


West Point

In addition to the aesthetic beauty, enhanced by the variety of textures,
colors and metal finishes, there is also the functionality of innovative patents.
The convenient "ID Tag Holder Ring" allows the ID tag to be attached directly to the collar, while the "Always
Ready half D-Ring" returns to its own position to facilitate the attaching of the leash.

The world is changing

In a constantly evolving world where everyday objects are becoming increasingly technological,
useful and functional, we decided to make leashes, harnesses and collars smart and interactive.

Memopet is technology

We have incorporated an NFC chip in each collar, harness and leash, so as to
make the memopet accessories able to connect with the smartphone simply
by approaching the chip embedded in the closures.