How everything began.

This is the story of an idea that changed forever the concept of the ID tag. It all started in 2010 in the city of Valenza, the district of goldsmithing tradition, with a new arising view: transforming the pets ID tags into a real design product, capable of evoking emotions. MyFamily was founded to go after the idea of giving a soul to the metal ID tag, conveying its importance in helping cats and dogs to be quickly identified and helped in case of loss. On this intuition, the company has grown rapidly offering to the market hundreds of ID tags never seen before, hand-enameled and perfect in each detail.

There's more.

MyFamily has given the possibility to customize quickly each ID tag directly at the point of sale. This unprecedented advantage enables customers and retailers to engrave the ID tag thanks to Techla, the revolutionary instant engraver machine, giving the possibility to choose what to write and the style through a user-friendly interface. All this in two minutes!

Our family is growing.

Handcrafted care, creativity, technology innovation and a touch of madness are, together with the Made in Italy value, the ingredients distinguishing MyFamily ID tags from the other. The array of products keeps growing every year with new collections, and it doesn't affect only the ID tags. Today, MyFamily produce also collars and leashes that delight customers with the high quality of materials and metal finishes combined with some patented features, easing the attachment and giving more comfort to the animal. There are also products available for pet owners, as the fantastic leatherette keyrings, meticulously finished off in every detail.

MyFamily all over the world.

Love for pets knows no boundaries! For this reason, MyFamily continues to expand its horizons offering products and services worldwide. From the US to the Far East, from Australia to Europe, from Saudia Arabia to South-America, over 20 million people happy to choose the quality and beauty of MyFamily products for their beloved pets. Within an expansion view even more widespread, the renowned International faires are great occasions for discussion and to receive feedback from the most prominent protagonists of the Pet industry. An occasion to gather and spread new ideas, in order to offer the most effective tools for taking care of pets.