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MyFamily is more than just a pet tag manufacturer.
It is a company that express the great goldsmith Italian tradition, adding value
to every item throught precision and attention to detail. A company that goes above and beyond its product:
every year, MyFamily gives a helping hand to our four-legged friends, especially those less fortunate.
This is why choosing one of our products is an act of love.
For your dog, and for many more little friends.

Technical Assistance

Do you have a problem with your Techla? Call us , we will be happy to offer you support.

Monday to Friday: 9am - 12:30pm/14pm - 17:30pm

Company Data

Economic and Administrative Repertory number (REA): 252320
VAT number: 02398620068
Fully paid-up share capital € 1.000.000,00

MyFamily s.r.l.

Strada Solero 1A - 15048 Valenza (AL) Italy
Tel. +39 0131 95 00 63
VAT Number 02398620068

MyFamily USA Inc

9402 American Eagle Way, Suite 100
32837 - Orlando - Florida
Tel. +1 (352) 366-0133

MyFamily Canada

237 Labrosse Ave
Quebec H9R 1A3