Abandoned dogs: how to behave in this situation.

The abandonment of dogs is a very serious world problem. The World Health Organization estimates that despite the frequent awareness campaigns against the mistreatment and abandonment of animals, in Italy, more than 50,000 dogs are abandoned every year and  stray dogs are more than 200,000 million worldwide. In some countries, straying leads also to an increase of some dangerous diseases such as rabies, because of their easy spread.
In many countries of the world, abandoning a dog is a punishable offence: those who break the law, must pay not only a fine for abandonment, but also for possible damages caused.
Despite these rules, there are many abandoned dogs.
Abandonments are more frequent in some particular periods of the year:
  • in the summer when the so-called "owners" do not want to give up their holidays and the animal becomes "troublesome";
  • during Christmas holidays, when the family realizes the inability to manage a dog received as a gift, especially for children.
  • in autumn, when some dogs are considered as unsuitable for hunting by their owners-hunters.
80% of abandoned dogs lived in a flat, so they risk even more mistreatment, hunger and incidents, because they are absolutely not able to self-manage.
An abandoned dog unfortunately represents also a danger to others for several reasons:
- having to find food by himself, he might become violent, after many days that he does not eat;
- many dogs are abandoned along roads and motorways and this is a serious danger for themselves and for the others. A frightened, scared animal who is running away can cause serious road accidents.
Exactly for these reasons, it is useful to know how to behave if you find an abandoned dog or if you are in one of the situations described above.
The 6 steps to take when you find an abandoned dog.
First of all, it is important to observe carefully his mood. He could be dangerous if he's very hungry, scared by unknown people or very distressed and frightened. If he does not show any particular signs of aggression, move close to him slowly trying not to frighten him.
Once you are close to him, you should check that the animal has no clear injuries. In case of serious injuries, it will be necessary to call the Local Veterinary Service of the Local Health Authority. Never give any medicine, always rely on experts.
In case he squeezed into a space and could not set himself free, it will be necessary to call the Firemen .
After making sure that he is physically well, it will be necessary to check if there is the identification tag attached to the collar or to the harness.
If the owner cannot be found out, it will be necessary to check if there's a microchip. It will therefore be necessary to go to a veterinarian or to the  authorities in charge, such as the Veterinary Service of the Local Health Authority that have the proper reader and will be able to identify the code of the microchip and the corresponding data. Every dog should, by law, be registered to the canine registry, have a microchip and thus have an identifiable owner.
In any case, it is important to report the recovery as soon as possible to the local police or to the traffic police, in case you are in a motorway.
If you see someone who abandons a dog, how should you behave?
The first step in this case is to collect as much information as possible to identify the person in question. The most important one is the car license plate, the safest and easiest way to identify the responsible person.
After having marked all that could be useful, please contact the Police.
Abandoning a dog is a cruel and inhuman action. Dogs love us unconditionally and we don't always do enough to deserve their love.
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